The things that…

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Loving her tights!

I WANT this All Saints dress!



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Been Lagging on this for quite a while. I should color her soon…


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Been obsessing about shoes these days!

One day, I will have a closet full of shoes and have a separate closet for clothes! Until then, I’ll just fill up a folder full of pictures of shoes that I wish I had.

While I shopped for imaginary shoes online, I ran across some peculiar designs. Some look painful and some I wish I had!

Even found something so ingenious and funny like this one!


July 30, 2011 § 2 Comments

finished coloring!!

the gear parts are all metallic so it has a slight shine to it in real life 🙂

Pencil drawing was easy but I feel like I had a hard time coloring… was too scared to make a mistake so I sat around for about a week pondering about what color and medium I was going to use. The eye brows irritate me a bit but I’m trying to not think about it. Hope you guys like it! Going to send this out to my friend soon!!!

Now on to drawing another one for another friend. She also wants green…hmm

Neglecting my blog?…

July 20, 2011 § 1 Comment

Sort of. More like I’ve been busy applying for jobs! Heard from a friend that Disney is looking for applicants and I’ve been very busy posting up some past work.

I’ve also been working on a personal project which I’m drawing for a friend’s belated birthday. Decided that I would post this picture here only because I want this to be a surprise to her! Planning on using pastel on her face, copic marker on the hair,  and  metallic colors from my prisma pencils for the gears! The only thing I’m wondering is… should I draw a background??

Been Amusing Myself…

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With the beauty of Día de los Muertos (sugar skull) makeup!

Tried to dress up this way one sinful night with a group of friends and I have to admit, coloring my face on my own is HARD.

Just a Test…

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 to see how this works!