The things that…

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Loving her tights!

I WANT this All Saints dress!



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Been Lagging on this for quite a while. I should color her soon…


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Been obsessing about shoes these days!

One day, I will have a closet full of shoes and have a separate closet for clothes! Until then, I’ll just fill up a folder full of pictures of shoes that I wish I had.

While I shopped for imaginary shoes online, I ran across some peculiar designs. Some look painful and some I wish I had!

Even found something so ingenious and funny like this one!

Been Amusing Myself…

July 14, 2011 § Leave a comment

With the beauty of Día de los Muertos (sugar skull) makeup!

Tried to dress up this way one sinful night with a group of friends and I have to admit, coloring my face on my own is HARD.

Just a Test…

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 to see how this works!

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